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Moss Removal from Roofs in the Fraser Valley, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island Areas.

Before starting his company, Nick found himself in a familiar situation for many homeowners. After finding mold and moss on his roof, he had the task of removing it all with a putty knife. This chore proved to be a painstaking, arduous experience and Nick knew others were probably experiencing the same problem as him. Once he was able to develop a more efficient solution, Budget Roof Cleaning was born.

Equipped with a soft wash roof cleaning solution, our licensed and insured staff can help restore your roof’s appearance while extending its life. We’ll get rid of mold, moss, algae, lichen and any other types of bacteria on your roof without the use of pressure washers as they may cause damage.

For moss removal services, Call Budget Roof Cleaning. As a rapidly growing franchise, we’re pleased to provide service for throughout the Fraser Valley, the Lower Mainland, Coastal Regions and on Vancouver Island.

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