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Q. How long before I see the results from the cleaning?
A. Immediately! When our crew leaves, your roof will be free of all Gloeocapsa magma – an algae-like bacterium responsible for black stains and streaks on roofs. Depending on the colour of your shingles, you may notice a slight soap-like film from our detergents. The film will rinse away within the first rainfall.

Q. How long do the cleaning results last?
A. Generally the results can last anywhere from 4 to 6 years. However, results vary depending upon landscaping and surrounding trees.

Q. Is there a warranty provided with the cleaning services?
A. Yes, we warranty all roof cleaning services for 2 years. If traces of Gloeocapsa magma (black streaks) should reappear within 2 years, we will clean your roof again absolutely free! Other companies charge a set-up fee and labour to return and fix the problem where we won’t charge you anything.

Q. Do I need to be home when my roof is being cleaned?
A. That is totally up to you. We only ask that there be access to outside water and power, that all windows and doors to be closed, and no cars in the driveway.

Q. Is moss fungus and mold on my roof a health hazard?
A. If your windows are open, airborne particles from the roof can cause respiratory problems if they’re blown in.

Q. What payment types do you accept?
A. Budget Roof Cleaning accepts cheque, cash & major credit cards. Without any hidden charges for payments using credit cards.

Q. Why should I get my roof cleaned?
A. When moss, lichen and algae dwell too long on a roof, the fungus will eventually eat away at it, causing damage and a premature roof life. Cleaning your roof is a small investment to make sure it lasts as long as it should. After a cleaning, it also shows the overall condition of your roof; making it apparent if there should be any small fixes or repairs.

Q. Why not clean my roof myself?
A. An inexperienced person can do more harm than good when cleaning a roof. Pressure washing for instance is used primarily for concrete, brick or harder compound surfaces. If you Pressure wash siding, it can result in water entering behind the surface, causing further problems. It takes knowledge and the right equipment to perform tasks like these on your home efficiently and correctly.

Q. What types of roofs do you clean?
A. Asphalt shingles, slate, tile, metal & aluminium roofs. For more information on our exact process visit our services page.

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